Plastique Universe II: Pisces Princess


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Peck Think the world is getting less romantic? Yeah, me too. But Chappo are bucking the trend. Their live shows are reckless and tight at once. By my reckoning, this song is a classic. Favorite track: Lay With Me.
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Part II in the Plastique Universe Saga, Pisces Princess is the story of a caped shape-shifter, an underwater siren, and their far away island love affair.

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released August 15, 2011

CHAPPO is Dave Feddock, Zac Colwell, Chris Olson, Alex Chappo
Produced by Zac Colwell
Engineered by Ricky Valente
Mixed and mastered by Steve Wall
All songs by CHAPPO
Lyrics by Alex Chappo
Album art by Rawan Rihani
copyright 2011



all rights reserved
Track Name: Petrified Sand
Well that’s the way that I am
I took a look underneath
Take a trip with me
I’m jumping in
That’s the way that I am
I took a look below
The weeping willow
I’m jumping in
Woohoo Woohoo woo
Woohoo woohoo woo
You don’t know why they chant around in circles
You don’t know why they have no legs
Well, it’s just the way that they are
With foam in their bones
Underwater fire
Luminous skin
Woohoo woohoo woo
Woohoo woohoo woo
I don’t know why you never pay attention
I got a story to tell you’re day drifting
Please listen to me
:::That’s the way the story goes I guess:::
Well that’s just the way that you are
Always thinking of something
Head in the clouds
Looking for a solution
Looking for a chance
Looking away
::wait a minute::

If you got to leave right now I understand but don’t be late
It’s a story filled with love, I know it will bore you away
I’m obsessed and petrified in all my fingers and my toes
But don’t be late I understand you got a better place to go
Track Name: Séance
Barely sinking both my feet in the ground
Barely see the glowing of her skin
All these subtle forces underneath
Barely urge a sound for me to speak

Eyes are locked and oscillating
I can feel a sacred special wave

All these pleasant creatures underneath
Magnify the quiet of the sea
Always taking time to settle in
Vibrations underwater rattling

Eyes are locked and oscillating
I just hope it never fades away

:::We had felt a massive undertoe
:::A current tossed us and sucked us to the surface
:::We peered above the glowing of the ocean
:::With salt water flurries and an underwater sand storm

Fire, jasmine, waves of mercury
Orange blossom surges under ground
All these tiny spores are circling
Barely urge a silence of a sound
Track Name: Bodies Coasting
Body’s coasting all these little baby fish are floating by—the ocean’s glowing
We’re underwater chanting with these mystic creatures they’re alive—it’s overflowing
She’s very peaceful, moving like a ballerina but she’s shy—shy--shy
We swim for miles and we smash into the beach and drip dry—the ocean’s glowing
I tried for weeks to sleep and I can’t get sleep butterflies—my belly’s swollen
She’s very loving has a very gentle touch, silk screen silk skin so smooooooth

I fell in love with an angel
We felt an under toe surround us
It dragged us deep inside the ocean
I felt her wrap herself around me

Body’s coasting floating gazing up into the open sky
We’re surreptitious there is tension all around a sweet sigh
Bodies holding only hoping that the moment stays alive
I tried for weeks to sleep I can’t get sleep butter flies
Track Name: Island Opiate
We felt the wind beneath our toes we’re flying higher faster
We heard a strange buzz from the trees we turned our heads with laughter
We grabbed the leaves and made them drip, bright red, bright yellow too
I held her hand too tight too close
I took my cape off

We spent the weekend in this whole new place
why do we get to see it
I just can’t believe it
We’re feeling it

We knew not where we were, we were not worried at all
With just a little taste, we found a savior y’all
I’m not with this desire I’m barely walking
We took a little nap
I took my cape off

We heard a ruffling of the leaves, they’re moving at us fast
We dove into the open sea, with just a subtle splash
I tried to throw them off our tracks, I threw my voice a bit
I held her hand too tight too close
I took my cape off
Track Name: Lay With Me
Lay with me I like it when you’re close
Stay with me, I’m not ready to go
Hold my hand, you’re warmer than you know
Stick around, we can dance we can dance

Is anything strange when you’re right here
I try and think of something but it’s not clear
I smile when you’re near me; I smile a lot
Awake, I wait I waste away

Tidal wave miles and miles and miles away
Wide awake why not drift away with me
Hold your breath we’ll slip back in the ocean
Stick around, we can dance

I wanted to wander through you
Tidal wave we’ll drift away

When I’m asleep, when I fall
When I’m dreaming, when I’m alone
In every little moment
In every little sound
In every little feeling
When you’re around
I smile when you’re near me
I smile a lot
Awake I wait in the dark
AND-I waited for the moment always just for you
I smile when you’re near and when you’re not
Awake, I wait I waste away